Sandra Elliott
It’s me!

Hi, I’m Sandra – a Texas native who’s been in Oregon since 2008 and in the adult learning space since 1996. I’ve been a teaching fellow, college professor, technology trainer, instructional designer, and content and education strategist. If it’s part of the adult learning space, I’ve probably done it – from needs analysis to evaluation and measurement, I’ve been deeply involved in all aspects of creating and maintaining a successful learning practice.

It’s rare to get the opportunity to work with someone who is super-effective at the core function of a position, but also engaging and a pleasure to work with.

Lance Goetz

Past experiences have included:

  • Helping set up the first computer-based writing curriculum (and classroom) at my graduate school
  • Transforming more than a dozen instructor-led courses for technical consultants into a series of blended learning activities
  • Creating real-world leadership communications projects to help MBA students put learning into practice
  • Moving more than 40 hours of in-house instructor-led training to shorter, targeted remote learning opportunities, increasing training revenue by over 25% and saving T&E in the process
  • Working alone to assess, plan, develop, and launch training for three separate technology firms
  • Overseeing learning teams that developed both employee and customer product training and certification programs
  • Working as an embedded member of product teams to help UX teams create intuitive, educational products more efficiently.

I’m also an unapologetic nerd who loves comic books, tabletop and video gaming, and stories told through whatever medium the storyteller chooses. I’m Marvel before DC, Trek before Wars (most of the time), Lost Boys over Twilight (in every way), and unfit for any GoT house. I’ve attended more fan conventions than is probably normal, and I don’t plan to stop. Feel free to bring up any of these (or one of your own fandoms) anytime – I love good conversation grounded in a true passion for the subject.

You can learn more about my experience and read recommendations on my LinkedIn page: