When I joined Jama Software, they had never had a training department. Consultants delivered training onsite for every customer – a hands-on experience that was valuable, but not scalable.

As a team of one, I conducted a needs analysis, collecting information from customers, consultants, support, business analysts, and engineers. The company had excellent data on product usage that we also integrated into the analysis. In the end, we developed a list of about a dozen short introductory videos, an online instructor-led introduction, and several short online walkthroughs that would benefit casual and new users. However, since the software was highly customizable, we also kept the consultant-led training, simply standardizing as much of the presentation as possible to limit the amount of customization consultants had to do.

Though the videos have been re-recorded since I created them, you can see the breakdown of topics at https://community.jamasoftware.com/education.

I also helped the marketing department and SMEs develop and deliver a series of webinars designed to promote our software’s value and help people further develop their Jama skills. I specifically participated in creating the structure and slides for this webinar and was the online question moderator for all webinars while I worked there.

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